Command & Control

Doubt removal (augmented video)
This feature automatically selects the optimal camera views for doubt removal on an alert, based on its location. Conversely, by clicking on a georeferenced point of interest in the video, it is automatically pinpointed on the 3D or 2D plan with accuracy.
Video Investigation
This feature allows to browse through recorded video and to exploit advanced video features (doubt removal, trajectory reconstruction) on recorded material.
Swift Catch (trajectory reconstruction)
Swift Catch allows to quickly reconstruct the present or past trajectory of an individual or vehicle on a site thanks to the converged use of video and 3D. It can send pictures to the teams on site for easier identification of the individual or vehicle.


Mobile video
This smartphone application allows mobile teams to shoot videos on site, and automatically transmit them in real time to the command center and/or record them for later retrieval

Command & Control

Alarms and incidents management
ISAP manages the complete life-cycle of incidents (opening, documentation, dynamic management of criticality, closure). An incident can be created either manually by an operator or automatically based on information collected by security sensors. It is immediately displayed on the 3D interface.
Security procedures
As soon as the nature of an incident is determined, the ad-hoc procedure is displayed to help the operator manage the situation. Integrated procedures are those of the concerned organization, as per the customer’s doctrine.
Target Locker(complex event processing)
This feature can take into account, in combination, detections coming in parallel from independent systems. This generates more relevant alerts by minimizing false alarms.


Mobile incident management
Through this dedicated application, mobile staff can enter information concerning ongoing incidents via a smartphone or a tablet, no matter where they are, and transmit it automatically to the command center.

Command & Control

The calling of agents is facilitated via a click-to-call function on their avatar, as well as inbound calls from them. Such communications allow to assign resources for doubt removal and/or to handle incidents.
This feature allows the command center to locate all the security teams on site to enhance in real time their coordination and assignments. All geolocated agents (guards, firefighters, law enforcement…) are pictured via avatars.
Tactical editor
The tactical edition feature provides a customizable library of graphic symbols for representation, within the 3D site model or on 2D plans or pictures, of the preparation and progress of a law enforcement or rescue operation.

Command & Control

Replay of events
The replay timeline provides access to all past information (audio and video recordings, locations, alarms) in a synchronized fashion for purposes of situation replay, 3D reconstruction or statistics.
Simulation trains the operators in manipulating the software, through scenarios determined by the instructor which reproduce plausible alarms and incidents in the 3D. It also helps to improve the site’s security setup or procedures.
This path calculation feature indicates optimal itineraries within a site, e.g. for emergency rescue or evacuations, based on various constraints (locked access points, incipient fire, etc.)


Security features rely on the ISAP Core foundation which includes the following features:

  • 3D navigation
  • Data fusion
  • Sensor management
  • Logbook
  • Reporting
  • Mobility management
  • Configuration
  • Workflow
  • Administration
  • IT security

Isap Plugins

ISAP interfaces with any security equipment via its Plugins.
The list of security sensors and systems already interfaced is available for download (see bottom of page).

Video Management Systems


Cameras & encoders

Access control

3D & GIS Data


Fire detection

Intrusion detection

Video Recorders

Cyber probes

Specialized sensors

Video analytics


ISAP is at the core of an ecosystem of sensors, systems and software components. Here are the main ones :