Providing for security, safety and smooth proceeding

The security management of events welcoming general public, professional or VIP visitors is crucial, considering the variety of potential risks and threats (accidents, fire outbreak, theft, assault, protests, crowd movements, terrorist attacks…).Any incident, no matter whether minor or major in terms of consequences upon the visitors, can also have a prejudicial impact on the organizer’s business and public image.

Optimal security comes with the most efficient tools. Egidium leverages ISAP’s rich set of features to enable good event security management.

Your needs

  • Preparation support
  • Global situational awareness
  • Coordination of human resources
  • Quick doubt removal
  • Efficiency in crisis mode
  • Complete traceability
  • Lessons learned support

Better detecting, resolving and preventing security incidents.

Critical sites are equipped with a growing variety of security systems and sensors in order to face evolving threats. Their coordination and global supervision become a real challenge in order to react efficiently in case an incident arises.

At the same time, physical security needs to be better integrated into global risk management, notably for critical infrastructure.
Thanks to its situational awareness features and ISAP’s connectivity and adaptability, Egidium offers a completely new experience of security/safety hypervision, hardware-independent and oriented towards decision support.

Your needs

  • Unified vision of the situation/site protection
  • Supervision of all security systems
  • Quick doubt removal
  • Enforcement of security procedures
  • Traceability and investigation
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Continuous improvement

Preparing rapidly
Reporting visually

Emergency operations units usually face combined requirements of arriving on site as fast as possible, following precise operating procedures and reporting on a continuous basis. No matter whether it comes to law enforcement, first responders or special forces, the only way to solve this equation is to have the right equipment, appropriate training and specific coordination tools.

Egidium delivers a solution for on-site coordination, mobile and connectible, leveraging the speed and reliability of ISAP, and designed in cooperation with France’s GIGN.

Your needs

  • Visual situational awareness
  • Upstream preparation
  • Setup of tactical intervention schemes
  • Situation sharing with the authorities
  • Immediate and retrospective lessons learned

Building or enhancing a solution
with 3D, GIS and data fusion

Your business does not match any of the segments addressed by our solutions? Your concerns are specific to your activity? Our technology may answer these concerns. Discover ISAP’s adaptability, modularity and rich set of features, and contact us if it rings a bell.
Your expectations also help us define the future of ISAP.

Your needs

  • ISAP white label license
  • Security features with your GUI
  • Sensor data fusion
  • 3D smart cities/safe cities
  • Risks simulation
  • Mobile apps
  • Cloud-based services